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ADVERTISING. Loads of Options
Prices vary.... Confused??

No need to be... How to find out

Brighton is bubbling with magazines isn’t it? New ones seem to pop up all the time. Getting to grips with the best way to use your budget can be confusing.

BUT there are some key questions you should ask that will help you compare them and reach a decision:

Advertising is primarily a numbers game. Find out how many copies they PRINT, not how many readers are claimed.

Establish what happens to the copies - how many stay in the city? Are they delivered direct to homes? How MANY copies are delivered direct?

Work out the cost per THOUSAND copies. Some advertising might sound cheap but you may not get much for your money....

Do they do a discount for a block booking? (Ads work by being seen multiple times)

Here are the answers for us at least, you could use them as a benchmark?!!

Preston Pages, 7 Directory and The Post:

Over 32,000 magazines printed a month across the three titles, you can choose your area or go in all three.

More than 28,000 copies delivered direct to homes.

If you would like to advertise with us or more information please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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